Nieuws van het zeil-front

Hello Herb,
First I want to apologize, because I couldn’t send you an email yesterday. But I runned out of my 90 minutes sailmail time. I’m sorry.
Yesterday, after your advice to Scooter, we decided to go SE from 39N to 37.30N.
This morning we changed our course to E and we started to sail only with `kluiver` and cutter, both boomed to another site.
We did quite a distance the last 24 hours, SOG between 7,5 and 9 kts.
As soon as the wind changes to SW, we will change our heading to Flores.

We expect to make landfall monday 10/6 between 20.00 and 24.00 h local time. The last few hours of monday we expect winds of about 25 – 30 kts SW and waves of about 3,5 – 4 m.
Lajes lies in the lee of Flores, so I don’t expect to much problems.

Our position is:
Wind WNW 25kts
waves 7 – 10 ft
cloudy, sometimes rain (drizzle)

yesterday I could read you quite well, but it seemes to be, that you still not read me at all. I could communicate with scooter very well.

Again thanks for your advice. It’s very helpfull for us.

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